Buyers expect luxury homes to be impeccable, so it is important you make the perfect first impression. Find out how. 

There are not many luxury homes on the market, but there sure are many questions. If you are preparing to list your luxe home, check out this list of commonly asked questions and help save yourself some headaches.

Is remodeling worth it?

A remodel on a luxury home can be a good investment – if you are planning to stay in the house. However, for all other situations, like remodeling before selling, you are not going to get your investment back. Do not waste your time or money on remodeling projects before selling. 

If a room or section has damage or includes significantly lower quality fixtures or appliances than the rest of the home, then it is imperative you consider remodeling. If you leave it as-is, potential buyers will be able to spot the difference quickly, and that could put some of them off.

Does price matter?

Pricing luxury homes matter a lot. To help determine your selling price, consider the following:

The current inventory of homes

Current real estate market conditions

Estimated net proceeds of selling your home

The sale price of comparable homes

This is tough with luxury homes since there are fewer comps for reference. Nevertheless, working with an experienced real estate agent will help you price your home appropriately. 

Should I be home during a showing?

The short answer is no. The reason – luxury home buyers are often seasoned, experienced homeowners. They want to feel comfortable asking all the questions they need to feel comfortable about the home. Having you there is only going to detract from that.

How important is staging?

Staging can help potential homebuyers see themselves in your home. It helps to set the tone for the home and removes your personal touches, which helps create a blank slate effect. The result is that a home buyer might be able to visualize themselves living there more easily.

Are high-quality images and videos worth the cost?

Absolutely. More than effort, most home searching is done online, making high-quality video and images a true necessity to help sell your luxury home. 

How is marketing different for luxury homes?

Marketing a luxury home is quite different from an average-priced property. You need to appeal to luxury home buyers and help your home be seen as a place someone wants to live. That is why it is important that your marketing materials reflect the luxuriousness of your home. Once you have quality images and impeccable copywriting, your agent will be able to list your home at all the top sites.

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