Avoid these pitfalls so you can sell your luxury home with ease.

The truth is that there are going to be plenty of “potential homebuyers” who come looking at your luxury home – and most of them will not be able to afford it. Here are some ways you can ensure that those who come to view your home can purchase it.

Require pre-approval

A pre-approval letter is not an ironclad guarantee, but it will let you know that the potential buyer is serious about buying your home. This also helps keep those who cannot afford your home and want to see it from coming to showings. Of course, this comes at a cost – namely, some buyers who can afford it simply do not have the reason to apply for pre-approval. However, if your luxury home is presented well online, then the potential buyer might be motivated to see pre-approval.

Nix the open house

Open houses are suitable for average homes. Your luxury home is beyond ordinary, so there is no reason to hold one. An open house in a luxe setting invites many risks – both to your property, and your belongings. There is no way to screen who walks through the door. Instead, let your real estate agent coordinate an open showing for luxury brokers in the area.

Accompanied showings are necessary

When you demand accompanied showings, there is never going to be a time when a potential buyer is in your home alone. Even better, there is always someone to ensure that the doors are locked, and the house is secure once the showing is complete. It is still a good idea to lock away valuables before showings, even if they are accompanied. 

Accompanied showings might discourage a potential buyer since it has to be coordinated with the listing agent. However, showing and listing a luxury home comes with a specific set of risks. You might have to accept that a few potential buyers will be lost with this approach. The upside is that all of your valuables and your home will be safe.

Security is a must

Security cameras are essential for luxury homeowners listing a property. You can select from cameras that record to being able to live-stream view the potential buyers as they walk through your house. Cameras might not prevent someone from stealing, but at least you will have evidence if needed.

Because of the high value and often extremely customized nature of luxury homes, it is imperative that you keep you and your property safe. When you enlist an established and seasoned real estate agent, you are going to have more options to make sure those who are genuinely interested in buying your home will be visiting – and no one else. 

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